Toxic Cigarettes

The article “Public housing says no smoking cigarettes” (Tribune, March 21) reports on efforts to protect residents in public housing from “secondhand smoke.” Because of the toxins, including carcinogens, found in cigarettes smoke, a better term is “toxic cigarettes smoke.”

TTS was classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as a Class A carcinogen; it is not merely just a nuisance! Anyone who is around TTS is a smoker. You are either the one lighting the cigarette or you are a “passive smoker.”

Taxpayers are paying the high cost of smoke-damaged public housing apartments, as well as the medical cost for children who contract asthma and adults who contract COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Tenants and taxpayers should write a letter to apartment managers, housing authorities and health departments stating that TTS should not be allowed within 30 feet of these publicly owned apartments.