Smoking Opinions From City

Results from the two open house meetings held on the public smoking cigarettes initiative show a slight majority answering in favor of the three main questions posed by the San Marcos city staff.

Combined results show a total of 97 persons signing in with 89 answering the first question, “Are smoking cigarettes and second-hand smoke cigarettes a problem in San Marcos?”

Just over half, 56 percent said “yes” and 42 percent said “no,” with two percent with “no opinion.”

On the second question of “Is the city of San Marcos the right entity to address the issue?,” 60 percent said “yes” and 36 percent said “no,” with three percent having “no opinion.”

The final question, “Should the city of San Marcos further restrict smoking cigarettes?,” 51 percent said “yes” and 48 percent said “no,” with one percent having “no opinion.”

The two open house meetings were held last week at the city’s activity center and the Texas Music Theater.

City staff will take the information gathered from the two meetings plus responses left on the Smoke-Free Message Board on the city website and present them to the council at its Aug. 2 meeting.

According to the city website, the council will then make a decision on language which may be used in the Nov. 8 ballot to gauge opinion on a possible smoking cigarettes ban here.