Smoker Awarded $1.07M In Lawsuit Against RJ Reynolds

RJ Reynolds has settled a personal injury lawsuit it was facing over allegations that it was responsible for Julia Reese's chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and Stage II laryngeal cancer. Reese, a life-long smoker, was diagnosed with COPD and cancer at the age of 82. She required a full laryngectomy as treatment for her cancer.

In her lawsuit, Reese alleged she began smoking cigarettes RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co. brand cheap cigarette online when she was 10 years old and became addicted. Although she allegedly tried to quit smoking cigarettes several times she was unsuccessfuly and still smokes despite her health status. Defense counsel argued that Reese smoked because she enjoyed it and didn't make serious attempts to stop.

Counsel for the defense argued that Reese's COPD may have resulted from her asthma and that the throat cancer could have been a result of her consumption of alcohol. They also argued that Reese enjoyed smoking cigarettes and didn't make serious attempts to stop.

The jury hearing the case found Reese 70 percent liable and RJ Reynolds 30 percent liable. Consequently, the originaly settlement award was reduced from $3,551,277 to $1,065,383.