Lighting Up Indoors Off Limits

A heat index of about 114 degrees greeted Summerville smokers Tuesday on the first day of the town's indoor smoking cigarettes ban.

The ban prohibits smoking cigarettes indoors at public places and fines violators and business owners $10 to $25 per incident. The exceptions to the new ordinance are private residences and tobacco stores. Existing cigar bars are "grandfathered" in and are also part of the exception.

Here's what people had to say about the ban:

Joshua King, Summerville

"I think the ban is a good thing. I used to go all the way downtown because I didn't want to go to places here because of the smoking cigarettes."

Junior Hoewischer, Summerville

"Smoking is an individual right. If a bar says I can smoke, why not let me smoke? What's the next thing they're going to do? Tell me what I can and cannot have for supper? I bet if Berlin G. Myers were still in office, this would not have happened. All the troubles in the world and they're going to bother me about a cigarette? It's all about choice. If you don't have freedom, what do you have?"

Timothy Vanderhorst, Summerville

"I think the ban should only be at certain places. I think my boss is going to lose business because smoking cigarettes goes hand in hand with drinking for some people. You should be able to make a choice. There should be non-smoking cigarettes and smoking cigarettes bars so that people can make their own choice, instead of banning it completely."

Marty Duncan, Summerville

"It's doesn't really bother me because I'm used to smoking cigarettes outside. It (the ban) worked downtown, so it will work here. To each his own."

Paul Raven, Walterboro

"It's a good thing because it cuts down on polluting others' lungs. I'm about to quit (smoking cigarettes) again."