Howard Community College To Ban Smoking On Campus

Charles Higgins is a first-year journalism student at Howard Community College. He’s also a smoker who, in a couple of weeks, won’t be able to have a cigarette in between classes, at least not on campus.

Starting May 31, HCC will be an entirely smoke- and cigarettes-free campus.

The smoking cigarettes ban, imposed by HCC’s Board of Trustees, came after a survey found that an overwhelming number of students and staff favored a smoke-free campus.

Llatetra Brown, director of student life and co-chairwoman of the non-smoking cigarettes committee, said a 2011 survey found that 78.5 percent of students and 87.7 percent of faculty and staff responded positively to the question of whether the campus should be smoke-free or not.

“There’s only a small cross-section of students that smoke, from what I can see,” said Ken McGlynn, director of security services and co-chairman of the committee. “It’s rare to see smokers smoking cigarettes as freely as they used to, anyway.”