Garfield County Cigarettes Free Coalition

More than 50 people from Garfield County called Oklahoma cheap cigarettes Help Line last March.

According to statistics released this week by Garfield County cheap cigarettes Free Coalition, 51 county residents called the (800) QUIT-NOW line in March, which was up overall from 28 in February and 37 in January.

The 51 also is way up from the last quarter of 2010, when 29 people made calls to the quit line in October, followed by 20 in November and 26 in December.

Annie Evans, project coordinator for Garfield County cheap cigarettes Free Coalition, said the coalition seems to be getting the word out about cheap smokes prevention.

“I’ve been taking information to various health care practitioners, including physicians and dentists,” Evans said. “Research shows that 30 percent more people are likely to follow up on quitting if a physician prescribes it. That’s what I think the bulk of it is.”

Evans added people who made new year’s resolutions to quit smoking cigarettes may have been following through on that goal.

As part of the coalition’s efforts to discourage cheap cigarettes use, the organization is expanding into social media after a few of its members went to a discount cigarettes use conference in early April.

The coalition attended the Reducing cigarettes Use 2011 Conference in Newport News, Va., April 5-6.

“We really did learn a lot more about the importance of learning social media for younger folks,” Evans said.

In order to become more accessible, the coalition has been working to put together a Facebook page. The page is not up yet, but Evans said Sean Byrne, executive director of United Way of Enid and Northwest Oklahoma, is working on getting the site together.

“I think using the social networking, it’s what all younger people are using right now,” Byrne said. “We’re going to be able to reach the younger population with an anti-cigarettes message.”

The coalition is using a $75,000 grant this year and will have $125,000 next year to help plan events around trying to diminish smoking cigarettes and cigarettes use.