Davis And Elkins College Working Toward Cigarettes Free

Davis and Elkins College is taking steps to go cigarettes-free.
Its been a gradual process over the past three years, and now Davis and Elkins College wants to go cold turkey.

Changes in how cigarettes is used on the campus of Davis and Elkins College has been discussed by college officials and smoke cigarettes free supporters.

College president Buck Smith said in time they would like D

"The evidence is pretty great that cheap smokes is a pretty addictive substance that can be damaging to people's health and to the community so we decided to take this in its natural way," said Smith.

At one time smoking cigarettes was permitted in buildings, now smoking cigarettes is only permitted in designated areas. Smith said the discussion is something they don't want to force on people right away, but gradually move in a direction where everyone is comfortable with the decision.

"So in an academic setting you really want people to explore issues than against controlling behavior. So its about exploring an issue which may end up in a change in policies or behavior," said Smith.

Smith said the number one goal of his job is to keep a clean looking campus, If students are made aware of issues regarding littering, smoking cigarettes, and the harmful effects it has on the environment, it would help more people stop doing it in the first place.

"If its brought to their attention what this is doing to the environment they see other people picking it up, then first thing you know they're no longer littering, and then pretty soon they're part of picking it up," he said.

College officials commend the county for taking steps to be a smoke cigarettes free community.

"Randolph County has really taken the lead within West Virginia in terms of smoking cigarettes in businesses, buildings, and bars so we should be a part of that too." said Smith.

Smith said there hasn't been a date set when an official policy would go into effect.