Cigarettes Commission Extends Deadline To August

In June the Virginia cigarettes Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission will make payments on 46,000 Phase I flue-cured and burley quota owner and producer claims totaling over $9.5 million.

The commission has extended the final deadline for 2011 Phase I Verification Forms and Applications for Payment to Aug. 5.

Completed and signed forms must be postmarked no later than Aug. 5 to be eligible for payment under the 2011 Phase I Program.

Claims postmarked later may not receive payment under this year's program.

Claimants who submit a Verification for Payment form or Application for Payment by the deadline will be paid in the second round of payments in September.

Since 2000, the commission has made available $298.6 million to Virginia's cheap cigarettes producers and quota owners.

In 2010, the commission announced that it is nearing the end of its indemnification obligation.

The 2012 payment is expected to be the final distribution of Phase I indemnification funds.

At that time, the commission will have satisfied its statutory obligation to indemnify burley and flue-cured producers and quota owners.