Bar Shuts Down For Night Over Smoking Ban Violation

A suburban Detroit bar was shut down for a night after a health official saw a patron breaking the state's year-old smoking cigarettes ban.

Cindy Snider said her bar, the Copper Door bar in Westland, was ordered closed Friday evening and reopened Saturday.

Snider said she estimates the bar, which is on Inkster and Joy roads, is losing thousands of dollar a month by people who are turned off by the smoking cigarettes ban. She also said kicking people out over smoking cigarettes isn't worth risking violence.

"This entire industry is suffering from this law," she said.

Snider bought the bar in October and said she's been issued a violation before.

"We do our best. We have signs and we ask people not to smoke, and they do it anyway," she said.

But on Friday, when a Wayne County health inspector saw someone smoking cigarettes in the bar, a $500 fine was issued and the bar cleared out.

Snider said she isn't paying the fine, on principal. She said she doesn't think the state should regulate what goes on inside her business.

Snider said she's only going to serve bottled beverages while she fights the ticket from the Health Department. She said she's working with a group called "Protect Private Property Rights in Michigan."

The workplace smoking cigarettes ban took effect in May 2010.