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  • Plugarul Non Filter Cigarettes

    • Plugarul Non Filter Cigarettes Standard Price
      Offer price: 2 x $12.10 = $24.20
    10 King Size Boxes In Cellophane
    200 Cigarettes Without Filter
    Tar: 18 mg per Cigarette
    Nicotine: 1.3 mg per Cigarette

    $12.10per carton

    • Plugarul Non Filter Cigarettes Discount Price
      Offer price: 6 x $9.43 = $56.58
    By purchasing Plugarul Non Filter Special Offer for 6 cartons (or more) instead of buying at the standard price you will save $1,17 per each carton or $7 on whole order. The bigger is order, the bigger savings you will get per it.

    $9.43per carton